What does this blog cover?

Public relations in the sporting industry goes unnoticed to the untrained eye. Sports news breaks around the clock. News can be seen instantly and can be posted by anyone, thanks to Twitter. It seems like a scandal is exposed every day on Twitter, and many of those scandals involve PR. For example, the 17-year-old Phillies fan who was tasered in 2010, the NFL and NBA lockouts, the Penn State scandal, or the Miami Football program being exposed by a ponzi-scheme booster. These events required a response by the universities, player unions, or leagues. The responses are strategic and often well executed plans put in place by PR professionals.

Sports make me tick. My day is not complete without an hour of SportsCenter and online time reading various sports articles. I believe that the only way to truly generate great content and ideas is to love what you do. I will discuss current issues in sports, as well as issues from the past year (2011 was riddled with PR stories to examine). I encourage any readers to join the discussion by commenting with your take on each post.

This is the beginning of my blogging experience, but I cannot wait for each post. Every day I am looking at the world of sports with a critical eye trying to find the impact each story has on it’s publics. Current ideas range from the Penn State scandal, to the NCAA investigation of Oregon, to athletes on twitter (there are some real trouble makers out there).

Finally, I give you some fair warning. This is a sports PR blog, but this blog is also part of a class requirement. There will be some posts based on prompts from my instructor that may not have anything to do with sports, but I will always get back to the basics when the topic is not predetermined.

Thanks for reading.


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