Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl week is here. For football fans, that means a Sunday of sitting, eating, and watching football with friends. For the inevitable non-football fan, it means the one time of the year that you can look forward to the commercials. The Super Bowl is the prime event for advertisers each year because of it’s ability to draw up to 46% of US households.

AdAge recently compiled a list of the 12 Ads that Changed Super Bowl Marketing. The list includes the popular “1984” Apple ad, the Xerox Monks, and the obligatory Budweiser commercial.

My favorite ad from the list was last years Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” commercial. It was an unheard of 2 minute Super Bowl ad, which made Fox rearrange it’s whole commercial line-up to make it fit. The ad resonated with the audience and led to a series of similar commercials featuring prominent Detroit figures. (I am biased towards the “Homecoming” Ndomukong Suh commercial because it’s filmed in Portland.)

All of the ads chosen were worthy of making the list, but one commercial was noticeably missing. The “Mean Joe Green” Coke commercial from 1979 is one ad that is often still referenced today. There have been parody’s and remakes, but Mean Joe Green will always be associated with Coca-Cola.


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