Ryan Braun Knocks Drug Testing Out of the Park

Photo by Steve Paluch via flickr

Ryan Braun recently had his 50-game suspension for use of performance enhancing drugs reversed, and he is eligible to play at the beginning of the season. The drug testing process came into question after it was revealed that the collector held the sample in his house over the weekend. Dino Laurenzi Jr. opined that it was his responsibility as the collector to safeguard the sample until it could be transferred to the laboratory by FedEx. This has been Laurenzi’s procedure for more than 600 samples since 2005, says one writer from US Baseball Pro.

Braun should have been satisfied with his suspension being reversed. Instead, he chose to curb stomp the drug testing procedure in one of the more interesting press conferences. He called drug testing a “failed process” and publicly berated Major League Baseball.

This story was a PR nightmare for the MLB, but what about Ryan Braun? He insisted on his innocence and blamed the process. He embarrassed the league, and we are sure to see a change in drug testing policies. Now, what happens if he tests positive again? He will be targeted by the league. Another positive test will ruin his reputation and any respect fans and teammates may still have for him. Maybe he won’t test positive. In that case, he needs to continue to put up the ridiculous stats he has in the past. He won the NL MVP in 2011 and needs to be in the MVP race again this year. If he doesn’t, his innocence and natural ability will be questioned.

Ryan Braun was trying to make a point and throw the negative press back in the face of Major League Baseball. All he accomplished was drawing extra attention and potential for scrutiny. One misstep and he will be in the news again.


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