Stop Letting Celebrities and Sports Stars Tweet

A recent Crushable article politely asks PR people to stop letting celebrities tweet. Celebrities will not filter racism, homophobic slurs, or ignorance out of their content, so PR people have to work double time to quickly fix their clients mistakes. The same plea could be made to sports stars who often take no responsibility for their politically incorrect content.

Aside from ignorant comments, athletes can openly criticize the organization they work for, thanks to Twitter. During the 2010 NBA playoffs, Lakers coach Phil Jackson spoke openly with the media about Ron Artest (now known as Metta World Peace). Artest took to twitter to call our the Zen Master. He tweeted, “Ever since phil mention things about me in media before coming to me first I was weird . So every pray he can somehow close his yapper.”

Photo by Keith Allison via flickr

No team wants their players to speak publicly about their problems with the organization or coaches. The question begs to be asked, should teams ban their players from using twitter? Or, should players be accountable for their tweets in the form of fines or suspensions?

Twitter bans have been implemented in the past at Ohio State and South Carolina’s football programs. Both bans were criticized in the media for “babying” players or for restricting free speech.

I believe the answer is for teams to implement strict rules on social media behavior. Breaking the rules will be punishable by fines and/or suspensions. Playing time and paychecks are all that players care about, so this should clean up missteps in the social media world.


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